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    2020-07-08 10:00:35

    The examples that you have provided for the Browser variables has helped me a lot. I have never seen such a simple example and detailed explaining. Their notes are helping me to grasp things very fastly. Thank you.

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    2020-07-25 05:32:03

    I have read your article, the meaning is profound and meticulous, I hope you will have many great articles to share with readers.

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    2020-09-26 02:26:43

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    2021-01-08 04:49:45

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.

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    2021-02-04 17:37:27

    This is the weblog of Edwin Martin, a web developer and in this post he will discuss the details regarding the practical css variables. In this post, he will describe how the CSS variables work. It describes through simple programs and I am looking here for more details.

  6. impostor

    2021-04-02 04:52:21

    I don't know how to view the HTML configuration for any web page, can I view it, hope you will write a later article explaining it to me.

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    2021-04-06 09:18:42

    Thanks for your information, it was really very helpfull.

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    2021-04-15 10:35:43

    I am looking for a solution for myself (how to declare and use variables in CSS), so here I am. Thank you for sharing!

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