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  1. look at this site

    2020-07-07 10:38:00

    I am getting much coding information from this forum and it has played an immense role in making me a good programmer. Thank you for uploading the notes on new styles with the examples. It is easy to learn through examples.

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    2020-08-21 12:04:47

    I want to study but without formal study it is difficult

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    2020-09-24 09:15:38

    Thanks for your sharing! Your information has been very helpful to me and many people are searching for them just like me! The problem seems simple enough, but through the tip of your pen it impressed me!

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    2020-12-22 09:15:32

    Life’s a climb. But the view is great.!!!

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    2021-01-05 22:12:42

    harika bir konu, basarilarinizin devamini en icten dileklerimle diliyorum.

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    2021-01-12 09:04:12

    The content of your post is very interesting, I am very impressed with your post. I hope to receive more good articles to share with us.

  7. image clipping

    2021-02-10 12:53:20

    Good to see the details regarding the Prettier, the opinionated code formatter shared here. Each developer has their own style on developing code, but if they use their own style on the same code, it will become a bit harder. A default code style is always necessary to perform coding so easily.

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    2021-03-16 02:59:02

    Your article is very useful to programmers, especially it suggests creative ways to differentiate different programming languages. <a href="">impostor</a>

  9. alucca

    2021-03-16 03:00:31

    Your article is very useful to programmers, especially it suggests creative ways to differentiate different programming languages.

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    2021-05-04 10:28:44

    You will not be able to stop playing it when starting so it is a great choice for you to kill free time

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    2021-05-05 04:14:18

    This is very informative.

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    2021-05-17 14:36:49

    To be able to follow the generated steps on this formatter, you need the intended software for it. - Michael

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    2021-05-19 19:15:43

    Prettier is such a great deal! I love using it!

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    2021-05-23 16:56:12

    Glad you noticed my style. (Gerard)

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    2021-05-25 10:15:56

    This is very useful for the web developer that having a hard time in analyzing this program.

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    2021-05-25 14:01:13

    Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

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    2021-05-29 14:23:54

    Many companies therefore often use code guidelines that state how code should be written so that different styles are not used interchangeably.

  18. Artificial Grass

    2021-05-29 15:52:54

    I noticed that I quickly became more productive because I do not always have to manually format the code.

  19. Sheena

    2021-05-29 15:54:16

    You may think that a program never makes the code as neat as you do. That was my greatest resistance to using Prettier for

  20. web design

    2021-06-07 19:16:10

    Want to step up on this kind of learning as well.

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    2021-06-07 19:37:46

    Have you been offering online sessions like this?

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    2021-06-14 19:52:58

    so there are some games which you can play

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    2021-06-21 16:45:03

    Supports many languages; Integrates with most editors; Has few option.

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    2021-06-22 15:36:51

    That was my greatest resistance to using Prettier. But the code that Prettier produces is very close to how I would do it.

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