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  1. Edwin Martin

    2012-05-25 19:33:01

    Craig: I've included the link to the SVN-repository, which has been made public. If you try out the code, make sure to change the IP-address of the server, which is hardcoded right now. (Remember: this was a hackaton ;-)

  2. siri

    2013-08-04 12:34:25

    can u please help me out in explaining the steps to setup for this project.iam new to java script and http server.but i need video conferencing for my project.please help me out in this.thanks in advance.

  3. Iffi

    2013-11-02 15:18:18

    i get this error: navigator.webkitGetUserMedia is not a function. Could you please guide me how to fix this ?

  4. Santa is coming

    2014-04-29 20:28:03

    I'm getting errors too, webkitgetusermedia2 is not a function. Strange I know, any ideas how we can fix it? Thanks dude

  5. Purush

    2014-09-04 13:29:36

    GetUserMedia works only in the latest version of Google chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari does not support this.

  6. atrair mulheres

    2017-04-19 01:40:37

    Used to get webkitGetUserMedia error when early developing but after the updates and pratice it runs pretty smooth

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