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  1. Bradley

    2011-10-10 05:39:03

    I disagree with your opinions on Muse. For starters, if people who live and breathe this stuff daily can't make a carousel with proper accessibility, how likely is it that an unthinking machine will be able to? Take a look at mature CMS systems, and even they don't create code that is semantic and up to current best practice standards. I doubt Muse will ever produce meaningful, valid code. It's just wishful thinking. Secondly, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript aren't just technical details. They are like the blueprints of the web. They aren't just meant to design looks - they design structure, meaning, and suggested behaviors. Your engine is a better analogy than the others. In your scenario - would you want engineers who've studied physics and safety concerns making your auto engine, or the "other 80%"? Would you want to walk to the sixth story in a building made by that "other 80%"? I believe that most people would not. Now, I'm not actually trying to compare public safety to web development. It's a metaphor. A world with bad websites in it is simply that. But what happens if those bad websites are "good enough"? Not speaking out against tools like Muse is almost like endorsing that. And that kind of web would lose it's semantic nature and become less as a result. I don't think Muse is useless. I see it as nice tool for a hobbyist making a website for his or herself, or for someone who wants a website but wouldn't have paid for one otherwise. There's no real loss there. But comparing it against actual web developers? It's not elitist to call it for what it is, any more than a lion calling a house cat less dangerous is elitist. It's a statement of fact.

  2. Edwin Martin

    2011-10-11 23:10:23

    Bradley, I don't know what code Muse will output eventually, I can only hope it will be good, clean code. I just object the idea that you have to know HTML and CSS in order to create a website. Comparing HTML and CSS with an engine is probably not a good idea. Let's compare it with other creative activities done on a computer. Design, desktop publishing, creating music, video editing etcetera are all done with software and require minimal technical skills. Why should creating a website be any different?

  3. Gilbert Midonnet

    2011-11-05 22:07:12

    There have been many WYSIWYG editors over the years. Each solved the problem of letting the "other 80%" of the population put up websites. I think Muse will be as flawed and as useless as the rest for the professional environment.

  4. Stephan Gerlach

    2012-11-12 11:55:08

    There are various pieces of software that lets people create websites without having to program a thing. Some of the websites generated with them look actually pretty good. But, just like mentioned above, the code is horrible and a nightmare to work with. Does that matter though? Well I guess it only matters if you want your website to be found in search engines and to be cross browser compatible. Other than that I don't think it matters that they produce bad code as most of the time nobody will see it. PS I will still continue to write everything by hand :D

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