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  1. Eddy

    2010-10-14 11:17:44

    Dank je Edwin, handig. We hebben er hier op het werk naar gekeken en waarschijnlijk gebruiken Grt Eddy

  2. Peter

    2011-06-08 11:47:04

    Thanks for the clear explanation on this compiler!

  3. Jared - Regina Web Design

    2011-10-12 09:28:43

    Any idea on how to pass multiple files, or do you have to put them into one file when compiling from a command line?

  4. Deepali Dhingra

    2014-04-07 02:02:02

    Thanks alot for such a nice article I am having a weird problem, See if u can help. In my extern.js file if there is a function with more than 5 parameters. Google closure compiler is not able to identify that, its ignoring those functions. Have u faced any similar problem?

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