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  1. Dominic

    2010-08-02 18:33:54

    Thanks for the great plugin and lesson on how to animate anything. I am having one problem with your plugin, which is if I move my jquery.js and your shadow animate js file to the html -head- section I get an error and the shadow animate function won't work. If I move the scripts to the end of the html just before the body tag, all works well.

  2. Edwin Martin

    2010-08-25 23:44:09

    @Dominic: thanks for your bug report. I've fixed it. The animated shadow plugin now also supports rgba colors.

  3. Ali

    2012-01-30 19:55:40

    Thanks for the great plugin. Small fix for those who have problem with initializing plugin on element with transparent background (background-color:transparent). In parseColor function add one more "else": else { triplet = [0, 0, 0, 0]; }

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