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  1. Mathias Bynens

    2010-05-10 17:26:12

    Nice write-up! Any clue how to make this work on OS X? I get the following error trying to use ‘zipit’: <code>xargs: illegal option -- d</code>

  2. Edwin

    2010-05-10 17:36:14

    @Mathias Bynens: Hmm, it seems xargs on MacOSX has a different (BSD-style?) syntax. When I find out the right syntax for the Mac, I'll update this page.

  3. Edwin Martin

    2011-08-07 16:31:32

    @Mathias Bynens: You can just leave out the -d ' '. On MacOSX, the zipit script should be echo -n $@ | xargs -I '{}' sh -c "gzip -n -c {} > {}.gz"

  4. vasim

    2013-09-26 19:31:52

    hello Edwin Martin, this htaccess is not working for my site. ex. my css request is abc.css, but it is not returning abc.css.gz, .gz file is present on the server

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